Business & Investment Forecasts

Monte talks about Wall Street forecasts from 2008 where 6 out of 7 predictions came true!

Would you like to feature a real psychic who predicts investment trends? Monte can talk about what the markets are doing today, and how their energy is likely to be affected into the future.

Monte & Amy with Alan Colmes in FOX's Strategy Room

In a television appearance, Monte Farber & Amy Zerner join FOX TV's Alan Colmes in The Strategy Room.

Mercury Retrograde

Psychic Astrologer Monte Farber explains why you shouldn't be afraid of the "Mercury Retrograde" that so many people seem to be afraid of.

At the State of Now Conference

Monte Farber speaks about Quantum Affirmations at the State of Now Conference.

Quick Guide to Quantum Affirmations

Monte Farber gives the five basic steps for using his proprietary Quantum Affirmations technique for creating the future you would like to step into.

Facebook Live with Harper Collins

Monte frequently makes himself available for promotional events as a psychic fielding questions from large groups of people. Seen here is a facebook live event where people commented with their life questions, and Monte responded in real time!

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