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Monte is uncannily on the mark in a world unseen to most {and not believed in by many}. He has assisted me in countless ways over the years, navigating decisions one faces in the course of the world when presented with that question, "should I or shouldn't I", or "what is really going on?" Monte invariably can get the right answer. One of the most poignant times Monte showed his uncanny "vision" was when I was talking about a piece of real estate I was attempting to purchase. Monte immediately described what he saw when hearing whether I "should or shouldn't" go forward with it, he said there were three steps off the street. I said "no, sorry that's not the property." My wife went to a computer and pulled it up on google-world to check, and sure enough, there were three steps- I hadn't remembered. In a world of many unknowns, Monte is amazing at illuminating a hidden secret world.

Peter C.

Food & Entertaining Expert

That's what is on my mind. The most awesome reading with Monte. Make your appointments today. He is the best. I feel so clear and relaxed now that my choices have been confirmed. It's moving onwards and upwards! You are so talented! Thank you, Monte!

Juliet Logie

Monte Farber has extended his sensitivities to me for many years. He always has the uncanny abilities to read my psychic energies and reveal to me the variety paths that have laid before me. With his intuition as a guide, I have been able to call upon the potential for my best attitudes. With his accessed guidance I have successfully lent myself to particular enterprises and focused my efforts towards punctual goals. While some of his revelations have been abstract in nature, Monte has also uncovered particular future situations for me, which unfolded with striking precision, just as he had predicted. Monte carries his name well. He is a Mountain. If one is lucky enough to climb to the top and listen to his confident oracles, one has access to a the vast View of one's own inner landscape.

Maria Pessino

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