As a life coach, astrology consultant, best-selling author, and acclaimed speaker on personal self-development issues, Monte works with organizations and corporations to increase cooperation, communication and productivity in their everyday lives.
Monte is enthusiastically committed to delivering engaging, thought-provoking, inspiring and informative programming that leaves audience members with both greater awareness and proactive steps they can take toward their goals. 
As an expert on a range of issues, transition, life balance, communication and relationships, Monte speaks on a variety of topics.

Topics Monte Can Speak About:

Business & Investment Forecasts

Monte talks about Wall Street forecasts from 2008 where 6 out of 7 predictions came true!

Would you like to feature a real psychic who predicts investment trends? Monte can talk about what the markets are doing today, and how their energy is likely to be affected into the future.

Astrology Topics

How the stars talk to us

Monte has been reading the astrology and teaching others for a few decades, and is happy to talk to your group about what the planets are doing currently.

Quantum Affirmations

Why affirmations work and how to use them

What do you believe without question? Shift the aspects about yourself slowly and you will shift your life. When you drill down into what you think you want, you might realize that sometimes you don't want what you say you want. Sometimes your goals are not actually the end results you are putting action towards. Monte's approach is easy to understand and honestly gentle.

Tarot & Psychic Readings

Ask questions about your personal life decisions

Monte frequently makes himself available for promotional events as a psychic fielding questions from large groups of people. Seen here is a facebook live event where people commented with their life questions, and Monte responded in real time!

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To book Monte Farber for your event or request more information, call today at (631) 324-7695 or email at