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Are you ready to take a higher quantum leap?

You may have been a spiritual seeker, pursued some of
your dreams, achieved a certain plateau in your business
and relationships, but do you feel like there are
still new levels of awareness to explore and discover?
We can work closely together to enhance your current successes and overcome obstacles so that you can
keep growing in new directions, to conquer bad habits,
to manifest the  creativity, peace, love and
understanding that you long for.
If you feel like...

You waste a lot your time and energy managing your life instead of operating in your ‘Quantum Creativity Zone’…

You want to  sharpen and trust your intuition but have not taken the time to develop that skill…

You don’t have anyone to brainstorm with who is on your wavelength….

You spend too much time chasing shadows, trying to discern illusion from reality….

You have gifts, talents and resources that aren’t being fully explored or utilized…

You’re spending time on unfulfilling tasks or people that leave you bored or drained….

Your current level of success isn’t sustainable without your perpetual effort and that feels like a scary trap…

There’s untapped potential within your life and services you provide…

You may have underlying fears and anxieties that block your progress...

It's time to commit and scale up to the next level!

Do you have space energetically to receive your desire? Sometimes receiving your intention may disrupt your life, and subconsciously a part of you could be repelling it.

Everyone gets tested on expanding their ability to receive. 
Together we will fill in the landscape of your soul with powerful Quantum Affirmations visions - you have been learning the basics and now you can become a teacher of this powerful technique when you take the
Quantum Masters Program!
Miracles happen and each miracle has a basis in science, just like



What is the Masters Program?

The purpose of the Master Program is to empower visionary artists, seekers, healers, entrepreneurs and leaders to add more magic to their toolboxes, to create on a new scale, to stand out, stand up and make a positive impact through their work.

The Masters Program will provide a bold and sacred space for connecting and sharing with other exemplary, high-performing people. The primary objective is to fuel and accelerate self-growth, connections and a life expansion that is sustainable, fulfilling and profitable.

This is not a membership site, an e-course or a mass event. It is an intimate group of 10 ambitious visionaries that will grow and share their dreams, with a dedication to improving one's life through

better decision-making, healing relationships, right livelihood,

intuition and creative pursuits.




Since 1988 I have produced a best-selling series books, oracles and meditation kits that I call my family of “spiritual power tools,” each one of them based on an ancient system of personal guidance such as astrology, alchemy, psychic phenomena, and several other metaphysical subjects.


I have thought long and hard on what makes us all unique and what binds us together as human beings and I have developed the ability to help people help themselves through increasing their self-knowledge and self-development.

Our intuition wants to guide us to know the next steps to take. Our gut feeling is our intuition and it is speaking to us all the time. Many times we don’t trust it. There are many reasons we don’t listen to it and the biggest one is fear, not only fear of being wrong and embarrassed but also fear of being right and having our life change in ways we can’t always control or predict.


Together we can strengthen our faith in ourselves and the divine, stretch our beliefs, and become mentally strong enough to lift the weights of negative habits that have held us back.


In the Quantum Masters Class we will work and play together and meet our Higher Self, the part of us that knows what we need to learn for our highest good and greatest joy. 


I look forward to creating more miracles with you!



What's Included


Quantum Affirmations Online Manifestation Course

1-hour Coaching Sessions with Monte bi-monthly for 3 months

Entry to Quantum Affirmations Mastermind Weekend in the Hamptons


Quantum Affirmations Online Manifestation Course

1-hour Coaching Sessions with Monte bi-monthly for 6 months


weekly for 3 months

Entry to Quantum Affirmations Mastermind Weekend in the Hamptons (see below for features)


Quantum Affirmations Online Manifestation Course

1-hour Coaching Sessions with Monte for once a week for 3 months, then bi-monthly for an additional 3 months (6 months total)

Entry to Quantum Affirmations Mastermind Weekend in the Hamptons

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Quantum Affirmations Online Manifestation Course includes:


Module 1: Identify Your Goal

Module 2: Examine Your History With That Goal

Module 3: Identify Your Gift

Module 4: Combine Your Gift With Your Goal

Module 5: Create a "Quantumplaytion"


For every lesson, there is a worksheet to guide you through the exercises in the video tutorials. Using these writing exercises, we exercise the brain and the heart to get them to work more closely together. To help you get aligned with your manifestation goal, we explore in-depth what it is you want, what's blocking you, and how to put it all together to achieve your dream.


In this group, Monte will answer your questions and give you some in-the-moment advice and attunements so you can utilize the current astro energy matrix to your advantage.


Designed by artist Amy Zerner, this unique jewelry was created with energy and intention,

to be like "spiritual armor." Historically called a talisman, a charged amulet acts as an amplifier of your will and desire.  

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Quantum Personal Coaching


1-hour Coaching Sessions with Monte bi-monthly for 3 months

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Quantum Affirmations Mastermind Weekend

(Date to be announced)

Going on retreat is a rare opportunity to step away from the day-to-day routines of your lives and dive deeply into BE-ing, quantumplaying and creating from a new perspective. This will be a space for honoring your playful and creative side and being open to new levels of inspiration, motivation and innovation.

With a small group of people, the Quantum Masters will gather for a weekend in a Hamptons luxury venue, from a Friday afternoon to Monday morning, participating in 2 full days of workshops with Monte Farber, and other stellar teachers and healers. 


It’s not about being lectured to, it’s about tapping into the power of the  group to ask for help, solve problems, craft solutions, brainstorm, make bold commitments, and plan for building a magical momentum in real-time, in real-life, in real ways.

The Quantum Affirmations Mastermind Weekend will be held in the famed beach resort area of the Hamptons, in New York, surrounded by the charm and natural beauty of this well-known cultural center.


In a nutshell, this weekend includes:

  • Arrive Friday afternoon, leave Monday morning

  • located in Hamptons luxury hotel stay

  • Catered meals by fresh local gourmet venues (includes breakfast, lunch and dinner)

  • Morning and afternoon Quantum Affirmations workshop sessions

  • Spa services including massage and reiki

  • Psychic Readings with Monte to address any issues, blocks or questions that arise

  • Party/ Music/Games/Drumming to move and share the good energy

  • Evening Celebration Ceremony and Graduation with Certificate of Masters Course Completion







Application Process
Why the six-month commitment? We’re looking to build a strong community of Quantum Masters! The three and six-month commitment ensures that you and your fellow Masters are fully engaged in the process of asking for help, building bonds, generating momentum, and unapologetically showing up to realize your full potential as a visionary.
The next two steps involve
Step 1: Application
and then
Step 2: Deposit and Enrollment Call

After a deposit of $1,250 is made, then you'll have an Enrollment Call with Monte Farber to assess which program level is right for you.

Ready to get started? Fill out the

Quantum Masters Program Application 

About Monte Farber

Nationally known astrologer and intuitive counselor Monte Farber’s brilliant and empathic insights impact everyone he meets. Born and reared in Brooklyn, New York, Farber has developed his own method of psychic perception, a combination of his creative channeling with street-wise spirituality, common sense, intuition, and a genuine love for the human spirit.


As best-selling author of over forty books and tools about tapping into the wealth of spiritual guidance that is within us and all around us, he has sold over two million copies around the world in fourteen languages. He is published by Harper Collins, Sterling, Simon and Shuster, St. Martin’s Press, Chronicle Books, Penguin, Tuttle and Weiser Books.  Living in the exclusive Hamptons area of Long Island, New York, he has personally counseled many of the celebrities and business elite who know him as "The Best Astrologer in The Hamptons" (Dan's Papers).


His remarkable insights and down-to-earth advice have been endorsed by leading visionary authors and company executives who use his unique skills as part of their important decision-making mix. In his work and workshops, he shares with his clients and audience the kindness, good humor, and deep wisdom that has enabled him to find true love with his wife of 40 years, artist Amy Zerner, along with prosperity, spirituality, contentment and genuine success.

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