Quantum Affirmations

When life lets us down, there’s one simple reason—it’s all in our heads. We are what we affirm, and our negative affirmations are working. It’s time to change the channel—and take a quantum leap into the future you know is waiting for you.


33 Ways to Tell Your Future

Perfect for individual use or to share with friends, 33 Ways to Tell Your Future, by Amy Zerner & Monte Farber, provides techniques to help you predict what’s ahead and have fun doing it.


Love, Light and Laughter

Part autobiography, part self-help and all fun, Love, Light, And Laughter by Monte Farber and Amy Zerner is designed to help you learn what it takes to make an enchanted relationship.


Sun Sign Secrets

Their easy-to-understand descriptions of the distinctive attributes of the twelve zodiac signs will provide clear, penetrating and useful insights into your personality and those you care about. This book is packed with practical, compelling and incisive information.


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New Coloring Books Published

11:11 Magazine November 2016

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Monte & Amy write about healing processes, crystals, and how to deal with fear.

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