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Monte Farber
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Ancient History of Astrology: Monte Farber interview on Gaiam TV Open Minds

Monte Farber

From the dawn of mankind images of gods and demons permeated throughout the ages. Some of these images took form as the 12 astrological signs. The origin and history of these signs reveals that there may be much more to this ancient system than we could have ever realized. Seasoned astrologer Monte Farber shares the meaning and power behind a person's rising sign and tells the untold ancient history of astrology in this 1-hr interview with Regina Meredith on Gaiam TV.


Watch the full interview here: Monte Farber discusses the Ancient History of Astrology with Regina Meredith!


Watch Monte's 1-hr show on Gaiam TV: Predicting the Future: Wall Street

Astrology has guided the fortunes of the world's leaders, their countries and people from all walks of life. With today's volatile economy, it takes a Wall Street wizard to explain what's happened and what's yet to come.

Astrologer and author Monte Farber weighs in on the state of the market and where it is headed in this interview with Regina Meredith. Known to many celebrities as "The Best Astrologer in the Hamptons," Monte Farber has had more than two million copies of his 40 books, divination systems, DVDs and Meditation CDs published in fourteen languages around the world.


Watch the full interview here: Monte Farber discusses Predicting Wall Street's Future with Regina Meredith!


Best-selling astrology author ("Karma Cards: A Guide to Your Future Through Astrology") Monte Farber explains Your Rising Sign, an important astrological concept that explains why there's often misunderstandings even between the most loving of parents & children, couples, families and friends. All best wishes,



Psychic Astrologer Monte Farber explains why you shouldn't be afraid of the "Mercury Retrograde" that so many people seem to be afraid of.


Monte is a kind, honest man who will remove some of the anxieties associated with your investments. Difficult questions like 'do I sell?' or 'do I average down' or 'should I buy more?' can all be answered with a productive 1-1 phone session with Monte Farber. To get a reading from Monte, click here.

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"Monte Farber is a psychic who has helped me several times over the years with answers he pulls from "the other side." They are valuable to me because in their accuracy, due to his own authenticity for his work and life, the answers are usually correct while, in addition, infused with his integrity. Therefore, I feel what he says provides care at the same time. If two psychics give you predictions that clash, I would tend to weigh in on the side of Monte's due to that purity of spirit."
~ Ellen Jo Myers


"The best thing about receiving psychic guidance/or a psychic reading from Monte Farber is that he doesn't tell you what he thinks you want to hear. If you ask me, and anybody else who really wants a GOOD reading, they would say the same. Not only are his insights accurate and helpful, he is a genuine person, and you will definitely feel as if you have learned something new about yourself and you have received information that will help you in life, no matter your situation. I would highly recommend Monte Farber to everyone I know who is looking for insightful psychic guidance."
~Janey Liddell



callTo get a reading from Monte, click here.


Books by Monte


Monte uses his remarkable abilities to offer guidance and hope. In his 40 best-selling books and tools, he shares his expertise in the ancient arts of Divination, Intuition building, and manifesting using the Law of Attraction. Monte provides insights from his psychic experiences and his own life that he hopes will help people to trust their own instincts and look inside them selves to find all the answers they need.

Featured Book » Quantum Affirmations

Private Readings from Monte Farber


Monte can psychically answer your questions by email or by phone. He is available to answer any sincere, specific question you may have regarding business, relationships, projects and goals. Your questions can be submitted via email for 1 or 3-question answers, or you can make an appointment for a private session via phone, Skype or in-person.

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Monte's Predictions


Monte has helped celebrities, CEO's, and law enforcement officials with his psychic readings, channeling, communication with the dead and much more. Clients from all over the world come to Monte seeking answers about success and happiness. His readings are profound and intriguing. As a professional psychic to corporations, investors, the rich & famous, and practically everyone he meets, Monte is truly a "Life Coach." Check out some of his predictions:

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"Because of Monte's input into the decision-making process- because of the readings - I was able to negotiate a 50 million dollar acquisition."
-Richard Worth, CEO of Frookies Cookies, and Inc Magazine's Entrepreneur of the year.


Monte's Photography Gallery

As a spiritual author and intuitive guide, Monte's unique talents inform all of his photos, as he is able to see and feel beyond the obvious, to bring out the inner spirit and true beauty of his subjects in his signature imagery, with art and soul. His motto is "Make your life a work of art, and your art a work of life."



Monte's Blog

Monte loves to share his unique visions, predictions and philosophical observations in his blog. He keeps his third eye open, his ear to the ground and lets you know what's going on in the world and in his private universe. He welcomes your comments & questions about the nature of reality and will answer as many of them as he can, in his postings.



Listen to Monte's Enchanted World Radio Shows

On his Enchanted World show, Monte psychically reads for callers and discusses ancient metaphysical concepts and modern spirituality in his signature fun and friendly style. He will often have his friends as guests, as many are renowned authors, healers and psychics with their own expertise to share. He will have many give-aways and special offers for you, so stay tuned.