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Monte's Services

Investing Services

Monte is one of the world’s best psychics. He recently got six out of seven predictions right regarding major financial indicators for Indeed, Farber says he enjoys reading psychically for investors, having made over two years’ worth of videos on Jim Cramer’s financial website.  Monte can advise you about taking actions that will make  lots of money: when to hold, buy or sell.

Personal Readings

Monte has counseled thousands of people over the years and loves to tune into what important messages, answers and gifts the spirits have for them. Monte says: "I show people that there are seemingly magical aspects to each of our every day life and I show them how to identify and amplify them. The common denominator in all human-caused suffering is poor decision making and I help people make better decisions." 

Business services 

Monte uses his remarkable abilities to offer guidance an international client base regarding growing your business, who to hire or fire, and how to follow your best career path. In his readings, Monte provides insights from his psychic perceptions that help people to trust their own instincts and look inside them selves to find the answers they need.

Business Consulting

Management Direction | Product and Sales Development | Customer Service and Communication Issues

Hiring, Staffing Strengths & Positioning Advice | Employee Productivity, Loyalty, and Honesty Evaluations

Strategic Planning Insights | Mergers & Acquisitions Information | Executive Coaching


Training Programs and Leadership Retreats

Transformational Leadership | Motivation in the Workplace | Team Building through Intuitive Practices

Bringing Out the Best of What's Already Inside You | Intuition (Blink) Training

Seminars & Workshops

Intuition Development Workshops | Stress & Time Management


Personal Sessions

Intuitive Counselling | Life Path (clairvoyant, psychic) Readings | Life & Career Coaching | Relationship Advice

Health (Medical) Intuition | Energy Work (for stress management) | Intuition Skills Training

Communication Skills Training | Human/Animal Communication (pet psychic readings)


Public Speaking

Lectures and Keynotes designed to suit your needs | Motivational Speeches that actually motivate!



All consulting services available world-wide by email or phone. In person services available in East Hampton, New York, USA. Travel to your location priced upon request. Please contact me for more information.

Contact details

E.S.P. Services, Inc.
Attn. Monte Farber PO Box 2299
East Hampton, New York, NY, 11937

Office : 1-631-324-7695
Email :



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“Millionaires don't use astrologers. Billionaires do."
- J.P. Morgan


Are your investments headed in the right direction? Ask Monte!
Monte have been reviewed and interviewed by newspapers and magazines across the United States.